Pangaea Wisconsin

Progressive metal from Wisconsin.

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Track Name: Thanatophobia
Desperate for purpose, reasons to strive
Motivation is essential to sustain life
Without passion, an inner drive
One starts to question being alive

Day in, day out
This lack of ambition is taking its toll
Wandering senseless, without direction
Slowly spiraling out of control

Routines, patterns of depression
Alone with only the thoughts in your head
Memories, history of repression
Hearts pounding, fast-short breaths
Alone with only the thoughts in your head

Use these eyes to change your perception
with them demand a whole new perspective

Visions of grandeur, dreams of perfection
Enough of this absence of forward progression

A constant feeling of disappointment, struggling to stay afloat
Don't let go
Stay afloat

One of these days you will be too indecisive
Swimming deeper, deeper than before
Breathing in the water
Breathing out the will to live
Turn towards yourself
Breathing out the will to live

Coughing up the water from the time you spent deciding
Courage to live or fear of dying

You see everything clear for the first time
Track Name: Fata Morgana
Standing on the shoreline
embracing the sea breeze
staring off in the horizon
a marvelous city appears
She calls to me with promises of solace
the hope to start anew
reassuring thoughts of peace
keeps my mind at ease
depths unknown separate me
from this tranquil place
for me to reach her coastline
I must see death's face
traveling across this deadly path
to find this distant land
recalling her promises
impatient to reach my destination
her beautiful coast stands before me
how could I be so close, yet so far away.
with my home far behind.
the decisions I've made will
come back to haunt me.
still pushing on to prove myself.
accepting my fate
It tears through my heart
as I reach this so called land
I've been lost from the start
no beaches of warm golden sand
dark water surrounding
as well as the graves of many
as ignorant as me
to believe her foolish songs
of security and peace.
Track Name: Panoptes
Daylight serves as my alarm,
a day without urgency.
Far and few between,
in this world where patience is lost.
Peering out my window,
you all look the same to me.
An emotionless people,
motivated by a check at the end of the week.
Greed will get you no where,
when money has no value.
Greed will get you no where,
in a world where money is worthless.
Take this moment to appreciate this beauty,
not only yours, but the wonders outside your window.
Embrace mother nature,just like you did when you were young.
Nostalgia fills your head, as her warmth hits your skin.
See with your eyes. Inhale. Exhale. This is life.
Track Name: Oneironaut
Every morning we drag ourselves,
out of bed, into the world.
Not the same world we saw the night before.
No, this is different.
This is cruel, the things we put ourselves through.
Dream without limits.
Yet I don't see you pursuing.
You're running out of time.
Limitations. Expectations.
Why does it never feel like enough?
What holds you back? What is holding me back?
Fast-forward to the time
Existence can be so harmful.
Cheers to another evening.
Open wide, swallow this handful.
Another blissful slumber.
Is upon us.
Can you hear me?
Is anyone listening?
Can you hear me?
Are you listening?
Am I awake?
Or is this just another dream?